Interview : Wendy Troost - Wendy Troost PR

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Wendy Troost
Business Name: 
Wendy Troost PR


A little about yourself: 

39 years old, started my PR agency early 2009, lots of experience in PR,

starter in the fashion world

Where did you work before founding your FashionPR firm?: 

I am still working for a small governmental organisation besides my PR


Why did you start your fashion PR firm ?: 

Because I love fashion and I like supporting young fashion designers. I

think I can make a difference for people who just graduated and are

starting their own businesses.

A little about your company: 

A small full service PR agency specializing in fashion publicity.

How many hours you rougly work per week?: 

Hard to tell, one week it can be 20 hours, the next it can be 2 hours.

What does a fashion pr do ?: 

Listen to what the customer wants, the direction he or she is heading

and come up with a tailor made PR strategy.

What do you find interesting about fashion pr ?: 

I love the product and the process that leads to it. It is easy to be

enthousiastic about something you like very much.

How fashion pr company should try to maintain their market competitivenss ?: 

By offering tailor made solutions, not the standard, the obvious but a

personal approach.

What are the key skills to being a great fashion pr ?: 

Well I guess it takes some kind of knowledge of fashion in order to be

able to move around and find your way in the fashion world. Besides it

is not so much different from being an excellent communication

consultant or PR agent in any other line of business.

What should a new designer expect from a fashion pr ?: 

A personal approach, a good listener, a personalised strategy.

How to chose a fashion pr ?: 

Choose someone you feel comfortable with and who can show you some

results from the past. No guarantee of course for the future, but it

least it tells you something.

What part of your job do you find the most challenging ?: 

Administrative stuff

How do you bring new brands into your agency ?: 

Networking, networking, networking...

How has the new media landscape changed how you do business ?: 

It has changed a lot since social networks have become far more


How do you demonstrate results for your clients ?: 

By showing them the results (links/newspaper/magazine articles)

How do you maintain sustainable relationships with the media ?: 

By not bothering them with non-news; they will only hear from me when

there is really something to tell.

How to know what a publication or stylist wants?: 

I don't work with stylists. My designers take care of that themselves.

What do you think the future of digital fashion media/pr is?: 

Lots of stuff through blogs and social media.

Are there busy and quiet periods during the year?: 

Yes when there are shows and events coming up it is extra busy of


What makes a great brand or label stand out?: 

Creativity and out of the box thinking!

Are many of your friends fashion PRs ?: 

No my friends have very different and varied professions.

What would you recommend to college graduate to help start their career?: 

Get a PR agency to help you for free and make a good deal with them: pay

them in clothes to start with and once you start earning money, start

paying in money.

What sums up 'fashion PR' for you ? : 

Fun, fashion, creative people!

Please list 3 designers who you like the most: 

Sara Vrugt, Michael Barnaart van Bergen, Viktor & Rolf

What's your favourite quote?: 

Be good and tell it

Contact Info: 


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