Interview : Roger Padilha & Mauricio Padilha - MAO PR

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Roger Padilha & Mauricio Padilha
Business Name: 


A little about yourself: 

Mauricio and I are brother, born and raised in New York city. We have always been obsessed with fashion from a very early age which shows in our outside projects (aside from opur PR company) such as being the authors of the Bestselling "The Stephen Sprouse Book" published internationally by Rizzoli last year to our bi-yearly fashion magazine MAO MAG.

Where did you work before founding your FashionPR firm?: 

Both Mauricio and I attended Parsons School of Design and we both worked at Perry Ellis when Marc Jacobs was designing in the early 90's while we were still in school, me in the design department and Mauricio in the PR department. Upon graduateing i launched a very popular young designer collection. Mauricio was my PR person. After we closed that company we launched MAO PR in 1998 and concentrated on PR for young designers.

Why did you start your fashion PR firm ?: 

At the time, there were no PR companies interested in new designers. When I had my own line, i felt frustrated that i couldnt find a multi-brand showroom who believed in me and was willing to risk and introduce my line to the press. It was all about "Labels" back then, a lot more than now. Thank god that people are more receptive to new designers and i think in a large way we are to thank for that.

A little about your company: 

We are a PR/ Production company that works with young designers introducing and nuturing their work. We go above and beyond what most PR compnaies do, as we both graduated from design school, we delve deeper into our designer's collection, even giving design advice to them. It's more of a mentoring relationship, rather than just a PR relationship.

How many hours you rougly work per week?: 

ALL THE TIME!!! I cant walk down the street without running into a stylist, photograher, etc....

What does a fashion pr do ?: 

I hope your readers already know ha ha!

What do you find interesting about fashion pr ?: 

Everyday is a new adventure. We get to work with the most amazing people.

What do you think the core competitiveness for fashion pr company ?: 

We dont feel competitive with any other PR company. We really do something different than the others.

How fashion pr company should try to maintain their market competitivenss ?: 

A PR company has to not only help brand their clients but must also brand themselves. We consider ourselves one of our own clients. It's as important for our faces to be seen and recognized by the world as it is our designers. If the industry trusts us, then they will trust the designers we are representing as they know we have a great track record of people we represent going on to be major designers.

What are the key skills to being a great fashion pr ?: 

inventiveness, dedication, trust, integrity.

What should a new designer expect from a fashion pr ?: 

Someone who has great contacts and truyly understands fashion, who can guide your collection to where you want it to be. It is very important that a designer listen to their PR people as well.

What part of your job do you find the most challenging ?: 

Everything is a challenge but that's why we love it.

How do you bring new brands into your agency ?: 

We are lucky in that they usually come to us because of our reputation after all these years!

How has the new media landscape changed how you do business ?: 

Absolutely. Internet is so important as it reaches the customer more directly and immediately. We place as much importance on internet as we do with printed publications and broadcasts.

How do you maintain sustainable relationships with the media ?: 

We constantly are in touch with stylists, producers, editors and hear what they want and what their needs are and then communicate to our clients.

How to know what a publication or stylist wants?: 

see above.....

What do you think the future of digital fashion media/pr is?: 

fashion Shows will be broadcast's just starting but soon it will be mandatory for every designer.

Are there busy and quiet periods during the year?:'s always on to the next!

What makes a great brand or label stand out?: 

It's an unexplainable thing..its a combination of great talent, newness, and personality that comes through in the collection as well as the designer. i know it when I see it!

Are many of your friends fashion PRs ?: 

Some. I try to surround myself with all types of people with different professions. I have the most amazing friends.

What would you recommend to college graduate to help start their career?: 

Intern! Intern! Intern!!

Please list 3 designers who you like the most: 

for my personal wardrobe it's Alexander Mcqueen, Rick Owens, and Raf Simmons. As far as who I admire as designers, it cant just be limited to 3. Everyone ahs something different to say and if it's done well, i respect them.


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