Interview : Emma Hart - Push PR

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Emma Hart
Business Name: 
Push PR


A little about yourself: 

I have worked in PR since I was 20 (12 years). I started in restaurant PR and events and then moved into fashion and beauty PR as it was a greater area of personal interest. In 2002 I set up Push PR with my business partner Ian Smith and havent looked back since.

Where did you work before founding your FashionPR firm?: 

Jori White PR and Quantum PR

Why did you start your fashion PR firm ?: 

I wanted to work in a results driven environment where the client could really appreciate PR and see the benefits of a good PR campaign. It was very important for me to get back to the basics of PR which is placing good quality editorial and maintaning a great relationship with press through daily dialogue and meeting with them rather than writing reports and dealing with long winded client admin.

A little about your company: 

Push PR are a small but perfectly formed agency where we concentrate on publicising brands, labels and companies that are unique, successful and desirable. We focus on great relationships with press and a proactive, open and honest service for all clients.

How many hours you rougly work per week?: 

It varies, officially I am part time as I have just had my second child but obvioulsy having your own business means that there is a different level of commitment to being an employee.

What does a fashion pr do ?: 

We create brand awarness of designers, brands and labels by placing editorial in a broad selection of media including TV, magazines, newspapers and online. We inform and inspire press to write about and feature the clients we represent.

What do you find interesting about fashion pr ?: 

I love seeing the client's repsonse to good PR - they are thrilled when we get them a great piece which generates consumer interest and great sales. It never ceases to amaze me the power of PR and I find it fascinating how we are all all affected by PR and media. What are the key skills to being a great fashion pr ?: 

Excellent contacts, consistency, listening, sticking to a brief and having an energetic, positive 'can do approach'. Having an insight into how journalists work and understanding what they need and when is invaluable.

What should a new designer expect from a fashion pr ?: 

Good regular communication. Regular activity meetings. A willing to communicate and listen to the client's expectations and give constructive and honest feedback at all times. An organised service which incorporates a structured campaign.

How to chose a fashion pr ?: 

Interview as many as possible. It is essential that you get on with them and that you feel you can have an open and honest relationship - PR can make or break a brand so it's essential to make the right decision. Take your time and ask as many questions.

What part of your job do you find the most challenging ?: 

Dealing with unrealistic expectations.

How do you bring new brands into your agency ?: 

We meet with all potential new clients. It is at this meeting where we are able to review whether they would fit with our existing clients. It is essential that our clients all sit well together - kind of like a shop. The collections have to work together so we can sell them in to all the right press.

How has the new media landscape changed how you do business ?: 

We have been very lucky that new media was an area we were comfortable with a long time ago and therefore we have gained great experience in all areas of new media. It has changed the way we do business but in an exciting way and created many new opportunities for us and our clients.

How do you demonstrate results for your clients ?: 

We provide a weekly email report, a monthly report outlining coverage achieved, forthcoming coverage and any other activity. Internally we set ourselves ambitious targets so that we are consistently results driven.

How do you maintain sustainable relationships with the media ?: 

It's all about picking up the phone and being out there meeting up with press as often as possible.

How to know what a publication or stylist wants?: 

Good communication, asking the right questions and because most of our relationships are built up over many years press trust us implicitly to get them what they want.

What do you think the future of digital fashion media/pr is?: 

I think the future is challenging but exciting - a natural editing process is happening with digial media beocming more prominent. The good will stay - the bad will go.

Are there busy and quiet periods during the year?: 

If we ever feel less busy we make it our job to be busy. There's no reason to be quiet - there's always a journalist writing about fashion, it's our job to find them and promote our clients all year round.

What makes a great brand or label stand out?: 

A good PR!

Are many of your friends fashion PRs ?: 

No, mostly journalists

What would you recommend to college graduate to help start their career?: 

Hard work and lots of work experience

What sums up 'fashion PR' for you ? : 

Telling the public about brands they should know about through the media

Please list 3 designers who you like the most: 

Luella Bartley, Sonia Rykiel, Marc Jacobs

Do you want to share something with audience ?: 

never accept PR for free - it's a false economy

What's your favourite quote?: 

'Buy cheap buy twice'


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